Scorpion Mezcal

Scorpion Mezcal®Dolor Sit Amet

AScorpion Mezcal®, one of the most awarded Mezcals on the market today and a leading brand in the Mezcal category, continues to impress customers the world over with its quality, consistency and great taste. Recognized world wide as ground breaking mezcal and brand, Scorpion Mezcal® continues to broaden its distribution and sales to an eager public.

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Sierra Norte Whiskey

Sierra Norte™ WhiskeyDolor Sit Amet

ADistilled from Native Oaxacan varieties of Heirloom corn, re-introduced by Master Distiller Douglas French, these innovative and superior Whiskeys are a hit. Get your hands on a bottle and see what all the excitement is about.

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Escorpion Mezcal

Escorpion™ MezcalDolor Sit Amet

AExquisite bottelings of agave varietals accentuating and isolating the flavors unique to each agave variety. Master Distiller Douglas French has applied all the years of his experience and skill to deliver these individual small batch bottelings

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Scorpion Mezcal® awarded Best Mezcal in Denmark

Reinventing Mezcal Anejo and Con Gusano

Why do many in the mezcal business, the self-aggrandized experts, and others supposedly in the know, shun the thought of drinking mezcal con gusano and any type of aged product be it reposado or añejo? More troubling is that many counsel imbibers against even touching to their lips anything but a blanco or joven (unaged) mezcal. This issue is particularly incomprehensive given that corn whiskies, brandies, scotches and some wines are aged in oak barrels. And, both internationally renowned chefs and acclaimed traditional Oaxacan cooks use the gusano del maguey or agave worm to flavor some of their culinary delights.

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Mammoth Mountain Margarita Festival 2017

A great time had by all, in a fantastic location.  A great event that should not be missed!

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Mammoth Mountain Margarita Festival   Scorpion Stinger    Mammoth Mountain Margarita Festival  

Mammoth Mountain Margarita Festival   Mammoth Mountain Margarita Festival   Mammoth Mountain Margarita Festival

From the Distillery

Some shots from the estate and distillery that produces Scorpion Mezcal®, Sierra Norte® Whiskey and Escorpion™ Mezcal

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