Scorpion Mezcal Tobala SilverEstate Grown Tobala Silver Mezcal 

Callaberos Inc's, Estate Grown Tobala Mezcals are already following in the footsteps of it's cousins. awarded The Estate Grown Tobala Silver 96 points, and earned a rating of "SUPERLATIVE". This superior quality mezcal takes one to new levels of enjoyment.  It is said of Caballeros Inc.'s portfolio of mezcals that they take the consumer "beyond tequila".  The two new Tobala presentations will break the surly bonds of ordinary mezcals and catapult you to a new frontier in agave spirits.

These superior quality mezcals are now ready for shipping, and your enjoyment.

Tasting Notes:
Scorpion Mezcal, Tobala varietal, erupts with fresh aromas of dill weed, kiwi and freshly mown grass, along with a moderated ashiness. Dill dominates the flavors as well, but the young and green flavors continue to green grapes, cilantro, lemongrass and anise, all overlayed with a smoky richness. Startlingly clean and fresh – a benchmark Tobala

International Review of Spirits Award: Platinum Medal

RATING: 96 points (Superlative)

CATEGORY: Mezcal Silver, Mezcal
TASTING LOCATION: In Our Chicago Tasting Room
TASTING DATE: Aug-23-2011
SPIRITS ID: 195764

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