Scorpion Mezcal 4 pack sampler

Beverage Testing Institute’s Tastings 2014 International Review of Spirits Packaging Competition has awarded Scorpion Mezcal’s Silver 4-Pack Silver Sampler Gift Box several Gold awards and runner-up status for Best Gift Box.  

Gold MedalCreativity Category

Gold MedalGraphic Design Category

Gold MedalForm Category

Best Gift Box Runner Up

The attractive box is decorated with rustic artwork featuring an ancient still and stylized agave, with the top of the box showing the agave plants for each varietal.

Scorpion Mezcal’s award winning sampler gift box contains four 200ml bottles of Scorpion Mezcal Silver, each bottle containing a different variety of 100% de agave Mezcal. Included in the varietal bottles are:

1) Tobala (Estate Grown)

2) Espadin

3) Barril

4) Blue Weber (grown in Oaxaca)

Among the varietals listed are two award-winning silvers:  Scorpion Mezcal Tobala which took the Platinum Award and 97points from the Beverage Testing Institute which also received Best of Show at The Spirits of Mexico competition.  Scorpion Mezcal Espadin Silver also won several awards including Gold and 96 points from The Beverage Testing Institute and Best Mezcal Food & Wine Magazine.

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Scorpion Mezcal® Estate Grown Tobala
 Scorpion Mezcal® Estate Blue Weber Agave
Scorpion Mezcal® Espadine
 Scorpion Mezcal® Barril


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